fiorucci2 correctedHello there! My name is Milo Sabariz, and as you have guessed, my profession has to do with hair. It couldn’t be otherwise, because in Sabariz family we are all hairdressers. I learnt loads from my parents, experts in hair-up. My dad made best-sellers books on the subject and our family used to organize shows and training over Europe and South America.

Now I spend my time between Italy, Barcelona and London. Teaching hair courses, looking after my clients for cutting, doing freelance work (I was part of the Specialist Hair & Make-up team in the last 2012 London Olympics), and what probably most intersts you.. wedding work!

Thanks to this not being stuck in just one place I can look after brides all over (Monaco, London, Barcelona, Rome). But where I am the most is in London and the middle region of Italy.

I enjoy a lot doing every bit of my work. But wedding hairstyling is something special. The energy and atmosphere of a wedding is great and nourishing. And for me an honour to be part of such an important moment. Since I worked in Tony&Guy in London back in 2001 until 2006, I have been looking after brides. Now I am able to recognize every moment of the Big Day and know how important is to prepare every detail in advance and keep timing right. No stress, no worries!

In the end, The Big Day is something to enjoy fully.